16 April 2017

Narc'd Out

When I killed my Facebook account the first time it was because two old friends had decided to tag-team me over gun control.

It was the typical bullshit, but with a twist.

They were both using the exact responses and positions that got my goat the worst.

So remarkably similar in their responses, I wondered if they were coordinating.

They didn't have each other on their friends lists, so I don't think they were talking directly.

When I gave up on another friend, I noticed something as I was unfriending them.

He had BOTH of my old friends on HIS friend list.

This coupled with his debate style made a clicking sound in my mind.

Nothing I can prove.  Might just be paranoia.

1 comment:

  1. I never really have understood why trolling people is such an attraction for some people. FuzzyGeff's brother is an example of someone who could be a very nice person IF... he didn't take such delight in intentionally pissing people off that he does it basically all the time. Now I know I do occasionally like to intentionally push someone's buttons... but it generally is for some reason like they did something to piss me off. And it generally isn't a sustained effort because usually I grow tired of it before long. And of course all that is not to say I don't just piss a lot of people off unintentionally just by being me.


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