26 April 2017

Rot Gut

It's not as bad as you'd expect from whiskey in a baggie.

It's aged four years!  It needs more time in the barrel, and there's hints that there's a great whiskey lurking under the harshness here.


  1. Need to write a parody version of "Whisky in the Jar" called "Whisky in the Bag."

    1. Metallica is recording their version: 'Whiskey in the Bag-o'

  2. A relic of an alternate universe, where the US Army puts whiskey in it's combat rations the way the French used to do with wine.

  3. "It's not as bad as you'd expect from whiskey in a baggie." You realize that isn't much in the way of faint praise.

    And, aged four years? They should sell fresh whiskey, not old! It should have an expiration date: best if used before 08/17.

    I'm guessing you're old enough to get the reference.


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