22 April 2017

Scientists My Baby Smooth Ass

Earth Day Protest.

Earth Day is the idea that we can still manage to feed the present population if we were only to re-adopt "sustainable" farming techniques that were used when Spain had a globe spanning empire.

Methods that weren't really all that sustainable, to be honest.

History makes note of the devastation and famine from using these "organic and sustainable" methods for very long at all.

In the '70's when it was said that it was already too late to prevent mass starvation, they weren't crackpot idiots making the claim.  They were real scientists comparing crop yields to population growth and noticing that yields had plateaued.

They could not have predicted the green revolution.

In a nut shell, the Earth Day fanatics would have us resume cyclical famine.  Even if the yield per acre remained the same, going to a 4-field rotation would be at a minimum a 25% drop in overall production.

It would be more than that because crop rotation in some, presently, productive places would lose productivity with less optimal crops doing their replenishment thing.

How we grow crops today is actual, measurable, science; to the betterment and advancement of all humans everywhere.

Earth Day is a deep rooted desire to return to a day when life was nasty brutish and short.

Their Fascist brethren would also elevate kings and queens over us as well.  They wouldn't call them royalty, but it's got all the earmarks of a feudal and class-locked society.

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