29 July 2017

Mystery Solved

There isn't a single G3 bayonet.

There isn't a single means for a G3 bayonet to attach to the rifle.

There's at least three main variations.

Early with the straight cocking tube.

10mm with adaptor and the tapered cocking tube.

20mm without adaptor and the tapered cocking tube.

Inside these variations are SUBvariations!

The Danish bayonet Willard bought is of the 10mm variety.

He'd bought an adaptor for a 10mm bayonet.

NOW we discover there's four subvariations of the 10mm depending on how the latch is clocked.

1 and 1A clock at 9.
2 clocks at 1:30.
3 clocks at 10:30.

Willard's adaptor is a 1, his bayonet is a 3.

Since the bayonets have become a $65 collector's item, I drilled the $15 adaptor for a new hole at 10:30.


1 comment:

  1. I was going to say I'd send you the G3 bayonet I got several years ago as a "freebee" when I got my 1907 Pattern SMLE bayonet.

    However, it turns out to be a Spanish CETME Model 1964 bayonet.

    If you'd still want it, I'll still ship it to you. Just send email to freddyboomboom at google's mail service and let me know a shipping address.


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