06 July 2017

Racist Ancestors

“Happy white people proud of their racist ancestors day"
--Damon Wayans Jr.

Tell you what...

First off, nothing makes me happier than to be lectured by a multi-millionaire accusing my ancestors of being racists.

But lecturing me on July 4th of all days?

Name another nation where you could become a multi-millionaire telling jokes.  Now, can you do it if you're also black?

I know of only one for certain and it's this nation.

The nation who's racism so deep that over 300,000 men gave their very lives to end slavery in this country.  July 3rd is the day that most consider that the tide of that war turned against the CSA and it cost 3,155 WHITE lives to turn the tide at Gettysburg, black regiments had not yet been raised.

Ungrateful is what you are Mr Wayans.

My ancestors weren't racist, they were Republicans.

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  1. Yes Mr. Wayans, my racist, white ancestors didn't arrive here until the turn of the 20th century. Almost a half century after slavery was abolished. They were too busy working in the coal mines and just trying to survive and provide for their families to be concerned with anyone's skin color. The men were all turned black from coal dust anyway.Inside and out. Maybe that's why they were treated not much better than slaves by the mine owners. Some ended up being killed in the mines. Many were crippled and couldn't work anymore. My maternal grandfather had his left hand crushed in a cave in. He also contracted miner's asthma. That's what they called black lung back in the day. So, Mr. Wayans, before you call my ancestors racist maybe you should learn a little about them first...........


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