06 July 2017

Will You Hit Snooze

CNN has been busted.

They've all but admitted to making up news to fit a narrative.

Are you going to hit snooze and fall back into Murray-Gell-Mann amnesia or are you going to ask yourself what other narratives have they been tailoring "news" for?

I know it's scary for some of you to have to face the idea that you've vested a lot into those lies.  Especially when it cost you friendships and sometimes employment.


  1. Most of the mainstream media has faked up stories to support some narrative that they liked. Remember how they fixed explosives in watermelons to make the 5.56 fired by the AR-15 look a lot more devastating than it is? Or the time they fit explosives to a truck's gas tank when it wouldn't explode when they thought it should? They cannot be trusted on anything to do with anything they've an emotional investment in.

  2. Michael "Boom Boom" Gartner! Ames resident. Shitty tipper, I delivered a pizza to him once.


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