05 July 2017

Key To The Universe

Washington did't look like he was doing anything.  Dahve sat at her nav console, also doing nothing, but peering at his console.

The trader could only pull a single G loaded as we were, the patrol cruiser could pull nearly four.

We were boned.

"Any time you want to do what you're planning, go right ahead," I said.

"Shhhhh, maths," he replied and kept looking at his console.

The customs cruiser got ever closer to a firing solution.

"We've almost got him committed to something he can't fix, then we're out of here."

I looked at the display.

Washington was right, the coastie was inexperienced and he'd been chasing us straight down the well.  He'd never change his vector enough to catch us before we'd jumped and even a three G advantage wasn't enough.

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