24 July 2017

Love Hate

It seems there's little that H&K does better than polarizing people's opinion.

Their G3 is one of their first examples.

It's shorter and just as heavy (or heavier depending on the magazine) as the FAL that preceded it.  It replaces the FAL in many armies because while it's not as nice as an FAL, an FAL is not three times as nice as a G3.  And a nation-state ordering for their army got the volume discount and could buy three G3's for the price of a single FAL.

In the US civilian market, most of these 7.62x51mm NATO battle rifle clones are hovering around the same $1k price point, give or take a couple hundred.  It boils down to the one you like better.

The PTR GI shown above has a feature long missing from G3 clones.

A paddle magazine release.

It comes apart just like its more militant cousin:

The bolt head is just as @%#&#^^@%#&$##* (fucking) irritating as it's always been to get back on.  But I discovered a trick!

The handguard will fit the bolt head and give you that extra bit of grip and leverage to overcome that bear of a locking tab spring; plus it's always with the rifle!

1 comment:

  1. Just look at the relative location of those charging handles!

    And guess which gun requires you to run the handle ALL THE DAMN TIME!

    Why did the Jerries put it there?


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