20 July 2017


Do you have an old iPod that works, but you don't want/use any more?

The Boy loves his iPod, but it died.

You might note that new ones are both expensive and require the latest OS.

If I had money for a computer running the latest and greatest, I'd have money for a new iPod for him.

Portable music keeps him calm, and he knows how to work an iPod.

We had two complete fails in two days of his used units he's had for years.

A 5th Gen Nano (8gb) and a 5th Gen Classic (30gb Vid).

Thanks in advance if you've got something to help out with.  Leave a message in the comments.


  1. This will probably sell for 20 bucks. Is this what you are seeking? If yes, drop me a ship to address.


    1. That's exactly what we're talking about! Shoot me an email address to reply to at mcthag AT gmail DOT com, thanks!

    2. Have tried to send you a response, but the email keeps being rejected by the Gmail AI.

      Is there supposed to be an underline or dash between the two initials and your sirname?

    3. Nope mcthag at gmail.com is it. biggraycar at hotmail should work too.

      Or I could try your email if you'll drop it here.


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