05 July 2017

Pure As The Driven Snow

If you accept the snow as being driven in the back of the plow after being scooped off the road.

I am a participant in the "internet lynch mob".

I will hang you from the nearest convenient digital tree every time you volunteer to speak for me, then express opinions that are completely contrary to my position.

It's just like "how to not get shot in McThag's living room after breaking in".

Don't position yourself as my unappointed spokesman and you can say any fool thing that comes into your head.

Claim to be speaking for anyone but yourself and agreeing to express even the slightest anti-liberty bullshit, we have problems.

And I will vote with my wallet concerning your business too.

If I find someone offensive, I will say so.  I will even say it here if I want to.

I tire of the term "purity test" when it comes to my rights.

I tire of it because I see it too often when someone who should know better does something stupid and gets called stupid for it.  I tire of it because it's always used to condemn the people saying, "that was stupid," and never applied to the idiot who should have shut up.

Maybe it is time for some fucking purity when we're talking about our Gods given rights!

Being pleasant and nice about things got us exactly jack shit here in Florida.

I note that bucking the niceties and being utter pricks about it got both campus carry and open carry in Texas.

I remember being told they were doing it all wrong and that wasn't the way to achieve their goals.

Yet...  Look who has the changes they sought and look who doesn't.

I think I no longer give a flying fuck that someone is offended that I want my full rights restored.  I am offended that my rights are infringed, why is there no outcry about that?

Why do you not cluck about that?

I am pragmatic enough to concede that the elephant must be eaten one bite at a time, but we must begin eating or we will never finish.

Worrying the people of Vega will be offended we're eating meat gets us no nearer our goals.

Paying people who provide comfort and succor to our opponents is even dumber than anything those people say.

I am not fine with the situation as it stands.

I think too many people have gotten too comfortable with their chains and no longer truly seek liberty.

1 comment:

  1. " I am pragmatic enough to concede that the elephant must be eaten one bite at a time, but we must begin eating or we will never finish."

    And if instead of digging in your fellow diners spend the entire meal harping at you about holding your fork incorrectly that elephant is really going nowhere in a hurry.


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