10 July 2017

Not Quite 100˚ Up There

The AC at Casa de McThag has not been keeping up.

I found a giant rat-sized hole in the inlet hose Sunday and patched that up.

It helped to not suck 90+ degree air from the attic into the inlet.  But not enough.

Today I opened up the plenum and found the evaporator coils were clogged with dust that was sucked into the unfiltered hole from the rat.

Some foaming cleanser and a bit of brushing on the fins and we're getting 60˚ at the furthest outlet with 80˚ at the inlet vent.

Not too shabby.

The can recommends more than one application of the stuff spaced over several days.  Can't hurt.

Oh, and it's almost 100˚ up in the attic.  I am sure I lost weight.


  1. 20 degree drop is just about all you can hope for given your general climate conditions.

    1. Getting 55 at the vent now and the house dropped from 80 to 75 in less than five hours.

      Last night, with 65 at the vent and 77 at the inlet it made 75 in 10 hours.

  2. 18 hours later.

    74˚ at the thermostat in the center of the house.
    58˚ at the thermometer I've stuff in the vent farthest from the air handler.

    Those temps have remained constant all day.

    Attic temps have gone from 80˚ to 92˚ and the interior temperatures have not moved.

    If it's not fixed, it's much healthier than yesterday when I started.


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