11 July 2017

It's Happening

Willard and I are going to do a 7.62x51mm NATO recoil comparison!

I've a full length DSA SA-58 (50.00 configured FAL clone).

He's got a new PTR G.I. (H&K G3A3 clone), Springfield Armory M1A (M14 clone) and for the bonus round a DPMS LR-308 TAC 20 (sort of an AR-10 clone).

It's a battle rifle blast-off!

Because Willard and I are old school adherents of God's Own Cartridge (New Testament) we're going to rope a hapless victim eager volunteer in the form of a Marv to lend his shoulder to the testing.

We might even add a Garand and an M-1903A2 to the mix for sport.


  1. Wish I was there so I could throw in a MAS 49/56 to see how the French 7.5x54mm cartridge stacks up...

  2. OLD Testament, dammit. A reading from the Book of Calibers: "And the Lord spoke in a great voice and he said: I have given you the Thirty Caliber, and Thirty shall be your Caliber. Not Twenty Nine, nor yet Thirty One, but Thirty. Fall not into the lures and deceptions of the unholy nor truck with their various abominations. I have given you the Thirty Caliber, which shall smite your enemies and sustain you in all weathers and against all perils. This is my covenant with my people, and those who keep this covenant will be exalted and victorious, and be called Men of Men, while those who fail to keep this faith shall be damned to the Hell of Wounded Poodles. Now go and spread this word across all my mountains." Book of Calibers, Chapter Two, Verse Four.

    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.


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