12 July 2017

Is This Too Far Gone To Fix

Willard got this rifle today...


  1. WTF? If someone actually bolted that on, find out how. Could have just used the rear trigger guard screw "as is", in which case it might be restorable, but seriously, what were they thinking.

  2. Auuuuuggghhhh!! Why for the love of God, WHY?

  3. Why? To yank people's chains.

    It's actually just sitting there on top of a spacer to make it look like it's attached.

    Willard made a joke that it was as heavy as a T-Gewher and I had the grip out already...

    No M1917s were harmed to make this picture.

  4. Chain has been yanked then. I am a big fan of 1917s... Hate to see em bubba-ed.

    1. In Iowa in the 90's all you saw of 1917's were ones that were sporterized.

    2. McThag speaks truth. If that weren't the case I'd have bought one... Most of them had the metal cut too, not just the wood. :-

  5. Whew! I have a beat up 1903 that may lend itself to being restored or it may end up as a wall curio. Would be nice to find an M1917 to park next to it and the Enfield. Have to keep an eye out for these at estate sales, assuming one can beat out the clueless that bid up beyond reason.


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