06 July 2017

Both Would Be Great Too

In addition to the SHARE bill we've got a SHUSH bill.

The Sportsman's Heritage And Recreation Enhancement (S733)which has incorporated Ye Olde hearing protection act and LOTS AND LOTS of good gun stuff.

If I had to choose between SHUSH or SHARE, I'd rather SHARE.

Silencers Help Us Save Hearing (S1505) has it's good points too, and it's a lot better than nothing.

Given my druthers I'd like to see both of them passed into law.

h/t Tam for breaking the news and being the first place I saw it.

I think she's right that SHUSH is going to draw fire while SHARE advances.  The anti-gunners might be forced to accept a silencer being treated like a normal firearm, they're never going be OK with them being the equivalent of any other muzzle device.

Wait, that's not true... a suppressor isn't a flash-hider so it'd be legal in places where a bird-cage flash-hider isn't!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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  1. Both of these should be passed... but either are better than nothing...


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