17 July 2017

Runner Up

Did the bowling pin shoot again this month.

I got second place shooting my .38 Super Gov't Model and lost to someone shooting a Glock with a red-dot.

Adding up all the penalties, I was only about a second behind him at the end of three heats.

For the fourth heat we did a head to head and he got me by a pin.

It was a little amusing that the staff came down and congratulated ME for doing as well as I had.

I did much better with the rented M&P 9 last time than I did with my own gun this time.  It's been a while since I put .38 Super down range, I practice with my S&W a lot.

One guy brought a Llama in .45 and despite not doing very well with this new to him gun, never got down about it.  He was there to have fun, and enjoy himself; so he did.  Contagiously happy is a good way to describe it.

The staff asked us questions wanting our feedback and my suggestion that struck a nerve with them was classes.  Put the high-tech sights in their own class, for example.

They said what they want is something that's accessible to anyone rolling in off the street and to make it fun.  Being grimly competitive isn't fun.

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