26 July 2017


The problem isn't that LGBT people want to serve in the military.

The problem is far too few are identifying primarily as SOLDIERS.

When you identify as something else, you're not going to be a good soldier and that is a huge problem.

It's also not helped that the defacto spokesperson for transgender in the military is Chelsea Manning.  A traitor.

Look, LGBT people, you want to serve, then be a soldier first and everything else second.  Make it a distant second.

You want to know something odd, we military types honor personal sacrifice for honorable service.  Think on that.

For the record, the military has had crackdowns on Catholics for being adherents to their religion before their oaths as soldiers; don't feel too put out at being singled out here.

1 comment:

  1. ??? How does being Catholic interfere with being a soldier?


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