28 July 2017

Blogging Is Dead

Long live the blog!

I guess the resemblance to a Norwegian Blue depends a great deal on what you're hoping to accomplish by blogging.


I need to say what I'm saying, someplace, or I go more nuts.

I'm not expecting to change anyone's mind about anything.  If someone is moved by what I've argued and changes their mind, so much the better; but I'm not ranting to get people to change their minds.

I'm ranting to save my mind.

I will rant, and have, when I knew there was nobody reading.  That was Livejournal...

Weer'd got me to come to Blogger.

My audience is small.  About 1,000 people a day stop by, with 240 or so being from France.

I don't get much for comments.

But I am not going away until Google nukes the platform, and even that won't nuke me completely.

Sooner or later the photo-hosting thing is going to drive me to host my own pictures.  That will likely drive me to spend the money on setting up my own server.  Once I've done that, why depend on Google for hosting the blog?


  1. Just because we don't comment doesn't mean we don't care.

    1. I figure getting few comments is OK. If y'all had something pressing to say, you'd prolly have your own blogs. No?


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