05 July 2017


One positive, as it were, I guess about some of my super liberal former friends is how many friends I have who are former super liberals.

For many of them there's a moment where something happens to them where they suddenly see what the fuck I've been on about.

Once that event occurs, they're not liberal any more.

I remember mine.  I went from being liberal to suddenly understanding what the fuck FuzzyGeff was on about.

It's a matter of perspective.  Once you've seen things for yourself from that different angle, you can't go back to not knowing its there.

Something of a common thread among these friends was they finally left the liberal nursery of a college town.  Where they went and what they did outside that college town doesn't seem to matter much, but getting away from professors pushing liberalism and students who don't know anything else seems key.

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  1. There was a time when FuzzyGeff was liberal...


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