06 July 2017

More On That Divide

One of the existential divides between "liberals" and "conservatives" (though neither really conforms to those labels anymore) is what they would have the other do.

Virtually every liberal proposal is a raft of things that I must stop doing (that they already don't do) and things that I must begin doing (that they are already doing).

I must change and will have the force of law over my head to ensure I do.

Most conservative proposals seek to remove that force.  Do it if you want, or not and we don't really care if you already are.

I am trying ever so hard to avoid the term modern here.

Modern liberals are not liberal at all.  They don't want more liberty and freedoms.

Modern conservatives aren't conserving, they're actively seeking changes, and not changes that revert to a better time.  Changes that should lead to a better time.

The modern liberal has more in common with an Italian Fascist than anything Jefferson wrote or said.

The modern conservative has more in common with Ayn Rand than

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