09 July 2017

When I Was Going To Be A Psychologist

I took part in an experiment as a test subject.

The thing is, we didn't know we were participating in the experiment when we volunteered to attend a seminar on the biology of race.

It was shortly after The Bell Curve had been published, so race stuff was all the rage on campus.

What the seminar "really" consisted of was just about everything Hitler had ever said, translated to English and substituting blacks for Jews.

The actor they put on the podium had perfect delivery and we were fired up to DO SOMETHING about the Black Problem.

All of us.

It was illustrative about how fast you can lose yourself to the crowd and adopt beliefs you thought were anathema to you.

Luckily we were intercepted from our plans to do Krystal Nacht Zwei by the second seminar, which showed us we'd just essentially attended a Nuremberg Rally.

It terrified me.

As does this.

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