25 July 2017

7.62x51mm Magazine Massathon

Well, weight because 'Mercia!

FAL 8.6 oz.

CETME 9.8 oz.

G3 (Steel) 9.9 oz.
G3 (Aluminum) 5.1 oz.

M14 (USGI) 8.3 oz.
M14 (Aftermarket) 7.5 oz.

AR10 (DPMS LR308) 7.5 oz.
AR10 (Magpul PMAG-20 LR/SR Gen M3) 5 oz.

The weight of 20 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO is 17.6 oz.

Anyone got a BM-59 or a Type 64 magazine and a scale?

How about a real AR-10 magazine?

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