20 September 2013

A Little More Each Day

Officer safety has officially jumped the shark.

You now have to roll your window down all the way for them to pass you a ticket?

For "officer safety".


I tested this one at home.

A ticket is a piece of paper, it's about 0.005" thick for the excellent paper I have and the paper that ticket is printed on is MUCH thinner.

Guess how far the window needs to be opened to pass a piece of paper?

Not very damn far.

Guess how much my hand has to get twixt the glass and the jamb to get that ticket inside the car?


Dropping the window couple of inches allows communication and is more than enough to pass notes to your new BFF Officer Friendly.  Even if it's attached to the adorable little clipboard.

Here's another jaw-dropper for you Officer.  You work for the community and when a member of the community asks why you're demanding they do something, you have to answer.  Be polite.  If there's no law requiring that a citizen follow your command, guess what!  The citizen doesn't have to obey no matter how that makes you feel.

Why are the citizens hostile to you?  In brief it's because you don't seem to be doing anything but cracking down hard on chickenshit fines with an eye to escalating the situation to an equally chickenshit arrest when a citizen is trying to figure out what crawled up your ass today.

A citizen in a free society has every right to demand why you are commanding them to do something and be answered.  Or is it your considered opinion that this isn't a free society?


  1. The JBGTs here in Iowa made me get rid of the dark tint on the Caprice's front windows. I asked them why it was illegal, and they said it was to make their work easier.

    You'd have been very proud of me. I did not tell them that, if they wanted police work to be easy, I knew just the place...of course, they'd have to get used to eating bark, speaking Korean and praising the Dear Leader, but nothing's perfect.

    Bill (RIP), OTOH, would have been reacting the same way he did whenever I got a ticket...as though I were the Unknown Political Prisoner. "Bill, take a chill pill! It's just a lousy ticket! I was doing 85 in a 25-MPH zone! They aren't picking on me!" But our late friend did have "issues" with authority figures. I've often wondered why.

  2. Great post, the last time I had any interaction with an " officer " I was speeding, I had to pee. This asshole kept me on the side of the road for over 30 minutes. I know he was making my back teeth float on purpose, because I had told him why I was speeding !!!! Its a power thing, when I was growing up around here, they respected everyone, but with laws on top of laws they know they can nail you for 5 different things on any giving day.......


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