02 September 2013

Fast Food Strike

You want $15 an hour?


Considering I had to drive to three different McDonald's to find one that could understand that there is a McNugget Happy Meal listed on their menu and could tell the difference between the spicy mustard and the honey mustard

You don't deserve raises.

You deserve pink slips.


  1. The so-called strikes were really union demonstrations (to unionize the FF workers). Jo Kwon (reporter for KFI in L.A.) actually bothered to ask the "strikers" if they were FF workers and only a couple were, the rest were just union hacks (retired teacher, for example) paid to be there. One of the real FF workers had been working at the same McD's for 21 yrs (or so he said) and he was only up to shift sup making just over $10/hr. If that doesn't spell LOSER, I don't know what does.

  2. I don't demean the career food service workers.

    I know at least two that are doing the deed because they're John Galt.

    What spells loser to me is the guy is obviously aspirational for the higher wage and in lock step with the socialists.

    Dumbass can't understand the dialectic?


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