04 May 2016

Actually Not Quite

" We've beat this before and we'll beat it again." - Tam

If we'd really beat them, we wouldn't have to fight the exact same fight over and over.

We are winning battles, but I don't see the end of the war in sight because we're simply not reversing as much as we should if the other side was beat.

It's a slog.

I'm slogging, while I'm blogging.

Eventually we're going to beat them though, so the panic is unwarranted.  I agree with that!


  1. Which fight? In the case of repealing bad laws (like Florida Campus Carry, or Open Carry) it's just a campaign for education, winning hearts and minds, getting rid of corruption, as well as the outside factor that other states are doing with no problem.

    Still, we elected (TWICE) a President who openly said he wanted to re-instate the 94 AWB (or worse) with no sunset provision.

    The antis are keen to say "Obama has been President for 7 years and still hasn't taken your guns"....but it's not for lack of trying.

    I see setbacks, as well as pitfalls for the future, but I don't see us fighting the same battle.

    1. What keeps coming up: Continual attempts to reduce the number of places I can carry. Continual attempts to make me register my guns in some form. Continual attempts to make my magazines smaller. Continual attempts to create back-door registration schemes (via mandatory background checking).

      Over and over again.

      I am bitter that we never seem to go on the offensive and repeal. All of our recent federal victories have been from the courts, not the legislation. That's bassackwards.

      Things are generally better at the state level, but far too much I'm seeing, "you got your concession and have a basic set of rights now go away" attitude from the "A+" state congress critters.

  2. Anybody who thinks there's some "end" to this fight, some happy day when everybody who disagrees with the RKBA will thrown their hands up in the air and evaporate, is engaging in magical thinking.

    That's why I didn't type "We've won finally and for all time before and we'll win finally and for all time again."

    1. There's a day when I'll stop fighting. Funeral to follow.


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