24 May 2016

LaRue MBT Range Report

Nearly two months after installing the LaRue Meticulously Built Trigger in Dottie, I got her to the range.

My 10 shot group at 25 yards with a CMMG mil-spec trigger and Hornady 110gr V-MAX:

My 10 shot group at 25 yards with the MBT and Federal XM68GD 90gr bonded soft point:

From previous outings, Dottie has shown she groups about the same with both loadings.  The Federal's zero moves up and left about half an inch at 25 is all.

Both ten shot strings were with a five round magazine so there's a break to reload the magazine in between five shot strings.

The crisper, lighter and more consistent trigger cut my group size in half.  I am not unhappy.

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