14 May 2016

Lurn Ning

My entire experience with Navy SEALs is admittedly very small.

Two things are very clear.

The organization that I did a lot of research on from the Vietnam era is not the same organization that exists today.

I've yet to meet a Ranger who doesn't hold them in contempt with regards to the 'L' portion of the SEa, Air, Land.

I'd chalked up that second to interservice rivalry, but as I listen to more and more stories I am beginning to think that the contempt is well earned.

A thread that's associated with the book ghostwritten for the Afghani, Mohammad Gulab, who sheltered Marcus Luttrel has been particularly vicious.

It linked to this Newsweek posting.

Also referenced is a book called "Victory Point", which I think I'll have to read now.

Willard and I have really wracked our brains trying to make Red Wings make some iota of sense.  Some of the things mentioned in that Arfcom thread fill in some gaps that make it more plausible and the after-action reporting reprehensible.

C'est la guerre.

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  1. Not contempt. They carry their gun, make their fight, get killed dead. Contempt is for those who don't do any of that. No, it's the feeling you get when you hear that somebody gave their teenaged son a super hot sports car because he passed his drivers test, ie; the sure and certain knowledge that this will end badly.


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