22 May 2016

Well Darn?

Troy is releasing a GAU-5/A clone and an XM177E2 clone.

That sucks.

Colt displayed what appears to be an M16A1 clone and an XM177E2 clone.

That's good because I'm still holding a grudge against Troy over the Dale Monroe hiring and how Mr Troy comported himself when people got ticked about it.

The Lovely Harvey, who usually doesn't join in on these boycotts even went so far as to take the Troy sticker off her gun safe.  While she didn't go so far as to purge Kevina of all Troy parts, she definitely went with a different vendor for the rear sight.

She's also vocal about not buying from them when people ask her about AR's.

Colt coming to the table might mean new supplies of retro parts!  Always a good thing!

I am willing to bet that the retro Colt AR's will be much like the re-release of the Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless.  Very few made with prices just above stratospheric and above near perfect originals.

My greatest fear with both Troy and Colt doing this is they'll snatch up all the vintage parts out there rather than make new parts (Troy is definitely doing this with the pistol grip).

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