08 May 2016

Rust Never Sleeps

And it's sneaky and insidious.

Anodizing, bluing and parkerization help prevent it, but aren't proof against it.

I've seen many guns rusted from being left in cloth gun cases and then stored in the garage or basement.  The cloth retains the moisture from the humidity and holds it against the metal.

I've taken guns to the field and gotten them soaked in the rain that never rusted while we were out but turned fuzzy in the cases on the way home.

I was going to post something much more extensive about passivation and rust prevention.

But it's a delightful rabbit-hole of reading about the processes of bluing, parkerization, anodizing and epoxy painting.

For now, let's leave it at keep a thin coat of oil on anything you don't want to rust and keep it someplace cool and dry too for good measure.

When I've done a bunch more reading, perhaps even after I parkerize my suppressor, I'll post a bunch more on it.

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