25 May 2016

Past Positions

While there's some real worry that Donald Trump is not really pro-gun based on him being anti-gun in the past, I'd like to remind people that there's a lot of religiously pro-gun people who used to be anything but.

Weer'd has told his own story (Edit, now with a finely crafted link!).

FuzzyGeff and I could once be described as flaming liberals.  He came to his senses before I did and we argued long and passionately about things with me eventually being convinced of what he was patiently trying to explain.

I know several other people who converted from being liberal and anti-gun to being conservo-libertarian and pro-gun.

I don't know of anyone who converted the other direction.

It's entirely plausible that The Don has had the same epiphany that many of us had.

Fingers crossed, because it looks like we're going to find out for certain come January.

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  1. One difference between a position shift and a smoke blower, is somebody blowing smoke up your assistance is going to pretend they have always been that way!

    Ask me, did I think AR-15s should be banned, and people who carried handguns were paranoid jerks? I sure did, and I was stupid and wrong, and I can talk your ear off on how I changed my mind.

    A great political example was Ronald Reagan and abortion. He admits he was pro choice, and would tell about his switch to pro life.

    A poser will just act like the other position never existed.

    Did Robert Byrd ever explain when and why he changed his opinions on black people? Of course he didn't, he hated blacks to his dying day, but if asked about his affiliation with the Klan, he would simply say those days were behind him, and change the subject.

    Oh, and the post you're looking for is here

    And i'll get you a few more Mosin pix.


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