13 May 2016

Did Someone Say M4gry

I happened to have a complete set of Colt M4 furniture and a side-sling mount.

Shi Shu asks, "You're not really going to leave it like this, are you?"

Without optics it goes from...

7 lb. 7.7 oz. with Magpul carbine MOE handguards (with sling and light mount), Magpul CTR stock and Damage Ind ECS grip.


7 lb. 0.4 oz. with mil-spec fiberlite stock, A2 pistol grip and M4 handguards.


7 lb. 0.6 oz. by changing out the A2 flash-hider for a Wilson Accu-Tac three-prong.


7 lb. 2.8 oz. with an M4 stock.

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