25 May 2016

Matching Guns

Once upon a time...

I bought myself a SIG-Sauer P232 as my main concealment gun.  I was dead set on getting a .380 for everyday carry and the 232 fit my hand better than the equivalent guns from other vendors.

Harvey liked it, so when a friend sold his she bought it.

We matched!

When Harvey got her carry permit, she also started shopping on her own for a carry gun.  Being a fan of her .357 SIG, she figured she'd add another .357 round to the mix and got a .357 Magnum J-frame (Model 640-3).  She got it for an outstanding sale price too.

I liked it, so I ran out and got one before the sale ran out.

Double matching!

Then reality started catching up with us.

The first reality was Harvey taking her new revolver to the range and following my suggestion to "try out several loads and see what the gun 'likes'."

Hornady's Leverevolution is very VERY stout for a wee little pocket revolver.  It put her off her feed somewhat because it was actually painful in her wrists to shoot it.  Pretty much any full load .357 was uncomfortable for her.

Shortly after this she also discovered that a full sized service pistol fit in her purse with reloads and they made purses just for carry.

Gone was her S&W 640-3.

My P232 is next to go.  The drive to get a smaller gun was driven by the CCW unfriendly nature of the C6 Corvette.  There's just no darned room to carry strong side on the belt line, either inside or outside the waistband.  This led me to seek pocket carry and that went through a Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless, SIG-Sauer P238 and then to the S&W.

So I sold my first SIG.

And we no longer matched at all...

Enter the Marvyn.

Marv searched long and hard for a plastic fantastic 9mm.  After months of research he narrowed it down to Glock 17 or S&W M&P9.  He finally settled on the M&P.

I went Glock, at first.

Then he gave Harvey an M&P357 for her birthday.

Playing with both of their guns (and hearing about how good the Kool-Aid was from other gun bloggers) I snagged an M&P9 for a song at a pawn shop.

Now Marv and I matched.

Harvey's 357 SIG version got stole and we replaced it with a 9 (whereupon she confessed that .357 SIG's snippy recoil was hurting her wrists).

Now we all match!

Also of interest is we all have AR's and no two are in the same configuration.

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