09 May 2016

In Seven Years

I've had my first short barreled rifle for just over seven years.

In that time I have been asked to show my tax stamp a total of zero times.

In that time I've seen others shooting their short barreled guns and I've never seen them asked for their stamp either.

The only time I've ever seen someone asked is with a machinegun and the examination was so cursory I think I could have used my SBR stamp to trick the range officer that it was for my illegal MG.  Oh yeah, it wasn't the cops asking about this dude's MG, it was the range officer.

Everyone knows that an unregistered SBR is illegal.  But nobody asks.

I've certainly been shooting it with uniformed cops in the next lane.  The only time one of them has asked about my SBR has been to ask, "can I shoot a couple rounds?"  With his buddy filming the fireball with his cell phone...

So, what's the explanation?

Everyone knows how simple it is to get the stamp and do this legally so everyone assumes that's what was done.

This is why the 41f crap from NFATCA rankles me so.

Honest people obey the law when nobody's looking.

Criminals don't obey the law unless someone who can arrest them is watching.

Honest people get the stamp.  Criminals are aware that nobody cares unless it's a machinegun, so they don't get the stamp.  Why waste the time, effort and money adhering to a law that won't get you noticed, let alone arrested; while committing the obvious felony of just having a gun in the first place?

The logic doesn't stand.


  1. And the NFA is crap anyway.

    We can argue the MG portion, but the foolish game of grabass that is Non-NFA Pistols and rifles, just shows how pointless the law is.

    Even if a cop suspected you might not have the stamp for your SBR (or might not even be sure that it IS an SBR...are they also going to take a pipe wrench to every soldered muzzle device to make sure it's not just threaded on?) It's a LOT of paperwork for a lot of "Who gives a shit?"

    Same with carry permits. I've shown mine officially (outside of buying guns in Massachusetts where it's REQUIRED) shown my permits NEVER.

    Never seen anybody else get asked to show theirs....same deal.

    1. I was asked for my carry permit for carrying once. By security at Wal Mart.

      I was new to carrying and was walking funny, like I was hiding something under my shirt.

      That got them to ask me to come up to the offices and talk to loss prevention, where I explained it was a gun not merchandise. They wanted to see my permit and show them the holstered gun. Then I was free to scoot.

  2. Never has, never will... sigh

  3. Within driving distance of my house in Pinellas county there are 4-5 ranges. Unfortunately the range closest to me is a royal PITA when it comes to my NFA toys. The first time I shot my suppressed SBR there the range officer got really excited and nearly kicked me out of the range because I failed to disclose what I was shooting during the range check in process and have some 21 year old nobody scrutinize my federal tax paperwork. Perhaps I should move to Pasco county?

    1. Oh never again. I used to be an RO out there back in the 90s. I quickly grew to hate it. I haven't been there for probably 20 years. Way too many silly rules, like only one shot in a rifle at a time, etc.

      The range I had trouble with was Shoot Straight on Ulmerton Rd. They want my FF ID every time I go in, and they read over my NFA paperwork and double check serial numbers, every time. The ONLY reason I keep going there is because it is the closest to my house by at least 15 mins. Okay, I'm done complaining. :)


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