30 May 2016

P-47 Crash

On that crash...

Looks like he might have survived the crash only to be trapped and drown in the cockpit because the canopy was jammed.

That sucks.

It also confirms the wisdom of the Navy ditching checklists which have "open or jettison" the canopy as appropriate for the aircraft.

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  1. Hi Tag,
    Also reminds me,,,,, I don't like to do aerobatics in a "closed cockpit aircraft." If the SHTF and ya' gotta get out.....well, to start with ya' gotta jettison the door....and then...BTW yer' fightin' major G-forces that are not helping you....'Nuff said...
    "Open Cockpit" types are preferred.. eg one of Curtis Pitts "Specials!!" A Stearman ain't bad either... just hit the seat belt release, grab the side of the cockpit and "BAIL!!!"

    On the P-47 Crash....that sux!!
    when people look like ants,
    when ants look like people,
    you get the drift....


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