14 May 2016

Catorce de Mosin

Phred's 1943 made Izhevsk M91/31.


  1. Never mind the "AK's" or even the High Falutin' "AR's"...Give Me a Mosin any day!!
    'Read somethin' on some gunnie-blog ...'said, 'Ya know the difference between an AK, an AR and a Mosin???
    Ya' can hit the side of a Barn from "inside" with the AK, Ya' can hit the side of the same barn from 60 yards with an AR and ya' can hit the side of the same Barn from 2 Parishes (if yer in Louisiana otherwise they call them counties) with a "Mosin!!!"
    Got that >>>>>>>>OUTLAW!!!!,

    1. You don't dare fire the Mosin inside the barn, it'll blow off the doors!


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