17 May 2016

I Blame Willard

Yes, let us blame Willard.

Kaylee and Sabrina.  M4 and XM177E2.

Kind of the Omega and Alpha of the small AR-15 series.  Today, it's a carbine.  Back then it was a submachinegun.

The reason Kaylee is sporting M4 furniture is because I found a set of for-reals double heatshield M4 carbine handguards at Deer Hunter.  No matter how many times I put them back into the misc. parts bin, Willard fished them back out; nullifying my successful Will roll.  I was just about to put them back a final time when Mr "my parents neglected to have nuptials" bought them.


  1. As a guy who carried an M-4A1 and whose Dad carried a CAR-15; this post is most awesome.

  2. Yes they did. And I'll show you the paperwork as soon as the ink is dry.

    1. No 2-ID second annual IG documentation allowed!

      Despite Florida being a peninsula, it's not the KOREAN peninsula.


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