13 May 2016


Wendy's is going to replace the minimum-wage counter clerk with a touch-screen in all 6,000 of its stores.

They're doing this on the threat of $15 minimum wages.  In a way this is signalling that the cost of staying open is already at the breaking point because of all the other costs have increased as well.

This is going to eliminate the first job that many people have ever had.

We're going end up with a huge pool of potential employees who are competing for what should have been their second or third job as their first job.  Without that entry level experience to teach them important concepts of being employed, the turn-over is going to be epic and the effects on their careers will be devastating.

A potential solution might be for companies who need someone who's learned those concepts at their first job to subsidize fast-food stores wages as a loss-leader.

Because once the touch screen replaces the counter clerk, that clerk isn't coming back at any wage.  Just ask the typing pool.

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