21 May 2016

Who Am I Gonna Call

I am ambivalent about the new Ghostbusters film in the same way I didn't give two fucks about a third Terminator film, third Alien film or a second Highlander film.

I was happy with the series where it ended and have no desire for an extension.

Actually, I'd have been happier if Ghostbusters had ended with a single film (Highlander too).

Just as Star Wars VII is a rhyming remake of Star Wars IV... so does the new Ghostbusters appear to be a remake of the original with the serial numbers filed off and recasting.

I don't want a remake.

Aliens might be a great example of how to do it right.  Alien left me happy with the ending and content to never see that universe again.  Aliens wasn't the same movie as Alien at all.  Different tone, style and genre.  It expanded the setting rather than rehashing it.

The new Ghostbusters, judging by the trailers, is a reboot.

I hate reboots for the most part.

I don't want a reboot.

I want new material, dammit!

I will withhold final judgement until the film is actually released, but the auguries are not favorable.

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