10 May 2016

Not A Fan

Perhaps the best thing about being generally disdainful of Sportsball™ is never having a need for ESPN, thus feeling no sense of loss or disappointment about how political they've become.

Related to this was my first conscience moment noticing the Murry Gell-Mann effect.

I went the opposite direction from so many people I used to call friends about the news.  I decided that if they'd lie about X, then they'd lie about Y; so they're probably lying all the time.  If they don't care to get the facts straight on something I know about, those facts are probably incorrect on something I don't know as well; so they cannot be trusted even if they aren't lying.

Oddly the person who turned the light on was a history doctorate candidate.  He was droning on and one about something and how hard it was to separate the facts from the opinions on some things because all we have about some eras is the opinionated writings of a very small and homogeneous group (because they are also the only literate people of the era).

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