16 May 2016

Quick Detach

FuzzyGeff's Olga has traded her B-Square screw-down scope mount for a NcStar QD mount.

It sits just a little lower than before.

Needing tools to change from glass to irons seems like a bad plan to me.  Prolly over-thinking it.

This mount is not ideal for this scope on an AR.  I'd like it to be about one more p-rail notch forward for best eye-relief and cheek weld.

It does mean that the scope comes off easily for storage in the M12 rack!  Check tomorrow or something to see if it holds zero or not.

One point of The Olga Project was to get as much performance as cheaply as possible while still having a decent overall gun.  If the NcStar MARCQ mount works, fine.  If it doesn't then we spend more money.  Another point of this project was to not frett paying twice, crying twice because the journey is the destination.

For people statting at home...

The gun itself, loaded magazine, no sling, scope or bipod: 9 lb. 3.5 oz.
Scope and mount: 1 lb. 4.1 oz.
Bipod: 11 oz.

11 lb. 2.6 oz. without the sling.
11 lb. 9 oz. with the sling.

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