27 May 2016

Crossing The Bubbacon

Playing on crossing the Rubicon.  Look it up!

One thing I am happy to see about modern bubbafication is most of the stuff for sale now doesn't require a permanent change to the donor gun.

Hurray!  People have finally realized the future value of their, now, cheap milsurps!


What happened is we lost a shit-ton of gunsmiths.  Without them out there doing sporter jobs, there's no examples to lead Bubba to cross the Bubbacon.  Thank the Gods!

This is kind of a win for everyone.

Tinkerers get to tinker.

People with limited funds get to trick themselves into thinking they're saving money.

The guns aren't modified in such a way as to not go back.

In the loss column is that there aren't gunsmiths at every shop anymore.  I dimly recall when you pretty much had to have a smith on staff to stay open.  Now... gun shops are just retailers.

Not that most newer guns need a smith...  Standards have changed over the years and it's expected that someone with basic mechanical aptitude and screwdrivers will be able to mount a scope.  I still see guns on Gunbroker from the days where receivers weren't drilled from the factory and every ring maker made a different ring for every model of rifle and used a proprietary hole pattern.

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