22 May 2016

We Were Both Right

I looked it up.

A long time ago, when Vampire: The Masquerade was all the rage... there was a GURPS version too.

Since Magical Aptitude is a package requirement for Tremere vampires so I figured I'd get some spells from Magic too.

If you've made a mage in GURPS, you know that a significant hunk of your points will be in those spells.

Game day arrived and I was informed by the GM that, no, I couldn't take spells, just allowed the powers that are part of the clan package.

I was ticked because my character creation ended up a waste of time, but I got over it quickly and made a different character in a rush.

I don't know what made me look up the rule today.

Right in the clan description it leaves it up to the GM if spells from Magic are allowed or not.

Reading the description of the clan, however, strongly implies they've got more going on that the boiler plate clan abilities.  Spell use fits the description better than the template suggests.

I had fun anyways, and Ben set a great atmosphere with shutting off all the lights and having small table fixtures with red bulbs and black-lights.

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