12 May 2016

One Of Us One Of Us One Of Us

I give you Parts Bin Patty!

We welcome Corvette JT to the AR Owner's Club.

He's got to decide on a rear sight still, and grapple with bullet weights and if optics are appropriate for him.

This gun is a response to my saying, "I'll bet I have enough parts to make a whole 'nother gun," and him saying, "well if you've got one to sell..."

Turns out I was actually short a barrel, charging handle, and bolt carrier group.  But since parts are marshalled for when The Lovely Harvey's Form 1 returns approved, spares of those materialized.

Musical barrels ensued.  The 14.5" 1:9, chrome lined pencil barrel from Kaylee will move to Cheyenne (when we get the Form 1 back).  The 16" 1:9, chrome lined pencil barrel from Cheyenne is now on Parts Bin Patty.  A new 14.5" 1:7, nitrided M4 profile barrel was ordered for Kaylee.  The bolt carriers followed their barrels and a new BCG also went to Kaylee.

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