08 May 2016

Is Newer Better

Thanks to my retro fascination, I have some vintage parts!

The XM177 series came with skinny round handguards and starting with the XM177E1 an aluminum buttstock coated in vinyl acetate.

The M4 series got the same handguards at first, but later got thick handguards with a double heatshield.

The M4 stock started with a plastic (Fiberlite) version of the XM177 stock and moved to the same stock still used today.

Magpul makes replacement furniture too.

I put this all on a scale tonight.

Vintage skinny handguards: 4.9 oz.
Modern skinny handguards: 4.5 oz.
BCM double heatshield handguards: 6.4 oz.
Colt M4 double heatshield handguards: 6.8 oz.
MOE Carbine handguards: 8.6 oz.

Vintage vinyl acetate stock: 9.3 oz.
Vintage Fiberlite stock: 4.4 oz.
M4 stock: 6.6 oz.
Magpul CTR stock: 9.2 oz.

The Magpul stuff is nifty and has all kinds of things that let you customize, but if you're shaving ounces, go cheap.

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