04 May 2016

I Wanna Buy

Willard has a broken door handle on his SUV.

It's a simple fix once you have the part.

I never imagined it would be so cursed difficult to get the damn part!

The local dealer claimed they could get the part in today when I called them on Monday.

We went to said dealer to pick up the part.

After ten minutes of waiting for someone to notice us at the counter I started wandering around and counting the number of people in the dealer's uniform not working.  18.  18 people not working and not helping us.

When someone finally came to the parts counter to help (4 of the not-workers were in the back of the parts department) they told Willard that the part had not come in and if he left his name and number they'd order it for him, and call, maybe tomorrow...

Just a moment ago I found the part he needs online and it's ordered for a 5-8 day delivery window.

Until today I had not realized that the Mitsubishi dealer was running a welfare program rather than running a business.

That's not entirely fair.  It's a Mitsubishi/Ford dealer.  The "employee" behavior is unusual for a Japanese dealership, but is sadly all that common with Ford.  It's no mistake that hot-rodders use GM for their project drivetrains.


  1. The behavior is endemic with US dealerships, Chrysler - ditto, VW *that surprised me* ditto. The Honda dealer is Flash Gordon on greased skids - no comparison. I have given up on US brands and am slowly thinking even the Krauts are losing their organizational cohesiveness.

    1. Buying parts for the Civic is a joy! Free cookies, coffee, comfortable waiting area I've never used because I never have to wait.

  2. Amen, now if they would just have a warm sake urn in the waiting room it would be heaven (a few newer than 2006 magazines would also be nice) but I agree, Honda has the customer service down pat.


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