13 January 2018

Alternate Historeality

FuzzyGeff and I are kind of enamored with GURPS: Technomancer, as you might surmise from reading other blog entries...

We've both made the Merlin versions of ourselves.

FuzzyGeff made a fox chimera, I made myself up as a snake chimera.

It gets me thinking about how many things would be different even if much else remained the same.

I'd likely not have joined the Army as a tanker, no legs makes working pedals a problem.  But a USA with chimera might have controls that anyone can use.

But even if I'd joined as a tanker, I couldn't have broken my legs falling from a tank.  My middle-eastern adventure would have been much the same.

Healing magic would have fixed everything I'd broken in the fall regardless, so I'd have made my entire enlistment, possibly even reenlisting.  That would probably have given me time to finish my transition out of tanks.  That would have lead to an entirely different life than I led from a medical discharge.

With magic, maybe my DD214 would have all three years on it...

The Lovely Harvey has a severe phobia about snakes, so that relationship would never have started.  Never mind that lacking the crippling injuries from service would mean I'd never ended up in Florida.  More likely Virginia with how my military career was progressing...


  1. One detail in that setting that amused me was the bit about Louisiana sentencing felons to life plus 10 years at hard labor. The idea of reanimating the corpse of a deceased convict for another 10 years of hard labor seems very punitive, and thus is quite in line with Louisiana's nature (and I say that with admiration).

  2. The way GURPS does zombies led to a scene being acted out once.

    "Vinnie, you can't use these things! People complain."
    "But once the flesh rots off, their bony fingers can't grab the boxes, skeletons break my goods!"
    "Vinnie, the fines have got to be more than hiring PEOPLE to carry boxes and load trucks."


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