11 January 2018

Dear Hollywood

I know you picked the reticle from a PSO scope because it looked cool.

But that swoopy ski-ramp thing on the left, that's a ranging device.

So you can figure out the range to the target based on the height of a person.

That means if someone knows how to use that ranging reticle, they can also see that you filmed it at about 25m.

Then show the character much farther away.


  1. Those dummies still can't figure out that if the hammer is down on a 1911 it's useless, and once you jack a round into a Glock they make no other sound but "Bang". How would you expect paste-eaters to figure out varsity-level stuff.

    But when they DO get it right it looks AWESOME....I don't know why they don't listen to their armorers more.

    1. Boardwalk Empire had a revolver making a slide racking noise once. I about died laughing.

  2. Think that movie makers have ever looked through a pair of binoculars? They always show the sideways figure 8 view to show the audience that someone is looking through a pair of binoculars.


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