12 January 2018

The Architecture Seems Familiar

Something about this reminds me of the architecture from The Planet of the Apes.

I think it's the odd lattice structure thing in the upper left.

It's amusing that the Obama Presidential Library should strike tones from a dystopia.


  1. Funny thing though - that "lattice work" reminds ME of the decorations at the local mosque.

  2. +1 looks like a mosque to me. Not that that's important, I actually think most classical mosques are beautiful (the one near my house is built in an old warehouse with minaret facade, it looks like a fucking Child Word from the 80s) but seems a little odd from the "no, I'm totally a Christian" President. Same idea with the FDR wheelchair statue. At least we can say FDR was dead long before that statue was made.

    Oh and fuck the both of them.

    Also the dystopia angle is eerie, who chooses DEA trees in their CGI mock-up?

    1. Shit! Those leafless, tree-shaped things are REAL?

      I was thinking that, like the "Supertrees" of Singapore, they were artificial, tree-shaped lighting devices.

      CF http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/attractions/supertree-grove/visitor-information.html


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