11 January 2018

Now We're Cookin'

Adding disaster upon disaster in the kitchen...

Our delightful Pampered Chef 5-qt. saute pan no longer has any non-stick coating in the center.

It's nice, but $203 is a lot for a pan when you aren't flush with inheritance cash.

Wal Mart has a very similar pan by Tramontina for a mere $25...

Let's see... the Pampered Chef lasted about 8 years... so the Tramontina only needs to last a year to be the same value.

This adventure has also got me convinced I need a some stick rather than non-stick cookware for searing, caramelizing and browning.  I'm sick of soggy home-fries!


  1. Buy high-quality cheap for non-stick. My non sticks are dirt cheap no-name brand and they are holding up surprisingly well. plus no matter how much they cost they are one scratch away from going in the garbage, so make sure that mistake hurts as little as possible.

    Spend the money on Iron and stainless as well as knives, and those will make somebody happy at your estate sale.

  2. I've found that after years messing with the non-stick pans that cast iron is much easier day-to-day. And if something burns and is really fused to the pan that's when Mr. Putty Knife gets to play.


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