12 January 2018

Code Of Silence?

I know a couple three combat vets.

I know they don't talk about some stuff except with other combat vets.

Lord if I could get them to open up outside the clique.

Getting them to repeat some of what they've said about so many things gun and gun fighting related would be educational to say the least.

I am also frustrated with, "don't you fucking put that on your goddamn blog!"

So I don't repeat their stories.

But I sure want to!

It's an interesting mix of positions, especially with regards to gun-games and gun-schools.

Some things they ponder and say, "hmmmm, that's not a half bad way of doing it."  Some things they say with deep contempt, "that shit will get your ass killed."

And I get to be vague about what.  Dammit.

On some things you kind of have to say, "yeah yeah, Grampa, drink your Geritol®," because the world has moved past the plasticity of their synapses.  Other things are fundamental truths that don't change just because the wood content of the rifle has dropped to zero.

There's squabbling about what's become obsolete, what's passe, and what's still valuable.  There's little that's utterly absolute, but the things that are absolute are Cold Equations absolute.

Even the obsolete ideas have some merit because I am conversing with a living combat veteran.

One thing I can repeat though:  The preferred method of clearing a house is to use the radio to call in artillery until you're empty lot clearing.  No, the police can't do that.  But you did ask what the best way to do it was, didn't you?


  1. I'm a guy who deployed thrice and has a CUB

    1. Yes, sorry. Stupid phone/WiFi. My original point was intended to be if you don't have a shared background it isn't worth much to discuss it.

    2. Good, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what obscure award the C.U.B. was!

    3. Ha. Nope. An old platoon sergeant once told me that was the only badge or medal worth a damn. For what ever reason that stuck to a 19 year old PFC me.

    4. I was a tanker, mostly, so not eligible for such honors.


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