08 January 2018


Took the multi-meter to the wires...

I have continuity through the thermal fuse circuit.  I still don't know where the thing is physically located.

But if it was dead, there should be no continuity and, by the way, the broiler shouldn't work either.

The broiler works like gangbusters.

That pretty much leaves the thermostat.

GE p/n WB21X5212.

$200 or so for new-old-stock on ebay.


$200 is about 25% the price of a whole new oven.  I have not checked the used market yet.


  1. $170 plus shipping
    No longer made... you may want to rethink a new stove.

    Do check with the local repair guy, specially if he has a bunch of crap in his front yard.

    1. I mentioned that a thermostat being 25% the price of a new stove as an indication that I was thinking of biting the bullet.

      Did you notice that your link was out of stock?

  2. Damn! That item is expensive. Can you reach and remove it to inspect the item and contacts? You Might luck out and be able to repair the old part. At least I would try that before making a buy new part or find a good used oven to replace it decision.

    I presume that this is below the knob that you turn to set the temperature and you are turning a rheostat to turn on and set temperature. The switch that turns on may be all that has carbonized and could be burnished. Yeah, I am old school cheap.

    1. If we can figure out how to open it, we're going to check the contacts.

  3. Here is a good appliance parts source.
    Fair price's and the tech support people know what they are talking about.

    1. They can only sell me parts they can get... They can't get the thermostat.


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